Credit Counselling

Free Consultation

You will be given free and confidential advice. We will go through all your options with you to see what solution is right for you

When you call All Debt Solutions you’ll be able to speak directly with one of our fully trained debt solutions advisors. Using our Best Advice Model, we’ll make a full assessment of your situation in complete confidence and then recommend possible debt solutions which could help you overcome your financial problems.

Generally, you may file a bankruptcy and retain all of your personal belongings, including your house, your car and all household goods.All Debt Solutions will make sure that all of your personal belongings are protected. If you owe more on your car than the car is worth, the bankruptcy court will not sell your car, because after sale there would be no money left over to make a distribution to your creditors. The same goes for your home and personal property. Even if your property is worth more than what is owed on it, usually we can use the state bankruptcy exemptions to protect these items.


We review your financial situation and guide you with understanding your unique situation. You don’t have to file bankruptcy if:


Well Come to your new peace of mind as you don’t have to file bankruptcy


We also help you rebuild your credit in minimum time

Counsellor - Consumer Relationship

Once the most appropriate solution has been identified, the counsellor will continue to counsel the consumer to ensure that the solution chosen is the most viable. Solutions to overcoming moderate to severe financial and debt distress are not quick fixes and sometimes involve difficult financial, personal, and emotional decisions. In this step, counsellors work closely with consumers to make sure that the solution is one that is most likely to achieve the desired results and has the best chance of implementation and follow-through for the consumer. Additionally, the counsellor and consumer work together to identify educational resources that will help change the consumer’s behavioural patterns relating to financial problems.

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